Edens Top Tips: Spray Tan FAQs

Who doesn’t enjoy having a beautiful healthy glow to their skin? A spray tan is one of those feel good treatments with instant results that we all know and love!

Sienna X full spray tan £29.00
Sienna X full spray tan with exfoliation £45.00

We still receive lots of questions related to this service – so here are our top tips to share with you…

❓I’m very fair/I’m a red head, will the colour be too dark?
Spray tans have some along way since the days of orange hue! 😬 We stock a whole range of Sienna X professional shades to suit every skin tone – our therapists will advise you on the perfect shade for your skin.

❓What will I wear when I’m having the tan?
Whatever you are comfortable in! In most cases we will give you a pair of disposable pants, however if you would feel more comfortable in your bikini/swim suit that’s no problem at all!

❓Is there anything I need to do before coming to the salon for my spray tan?
Yes! Pre-care advise is incredibly important and will make a real difference to the longevity of your tan:
– On the day of your tan shower & thoroughly exfoliate the whole body, paying special attention to dry areas such a knees & elbows. This will ensure a lasting, even finish.
– Do not apply any deodorant, lotions, or make up at all. This will create a barrier to the tan & cause patchy results.
– Wear loose clothes and easy slip on shoes to your appointment, skinny jeans are not a good idea! Again, this will result in an uneven patchy tan.

What can I do to care for my tan after my treatment?

– Moisturise your skin daily to keep your skin well hydrated & your tan will last longer.

-Lightly exfoliate your skin every other day after a tan, this will ensure a nice even fade rather than it being patchy.

Please feel free to ask any other questions in the comments below, or DM us to book your summer spray tan today.

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