Caci Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Caci gently helps tighten, tone and lift sagging muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Caci uses revolutionary micro-current and works by combining a unique patented waveform with the naturally occurring bio-electric current of the body, to achieve instantly visible dramatic and long lasting results. It offers, for the first time, a variable alternative to surgery in an increasingly appearance conscious world.

Caci has attracted an unrivalled celebrity following over the years making it one of the most publicised and talked about treatment in the industry’s history. This clinically proven signature facial has over 25 years medical research behind it, making it the go to treatment for lifting and toning the facial contours.

We recommend combining our Elemis Biotech 30 minute Facial with your Caci to dramatically enhance your results.

NEW Caci Eye Revive

45 mins: £49.00
Course of 10: £450.00

This results-driven treatment works to life and firm muscles around the upper face and eyes using Caci’s signature micro-current technology. We then work to reduce puffiness and brighten the under eye area with a decongesting lymphatic drainage massage. Followed by smoothing and plumping fine lines with Caci’s incredible cucumber and green tea cooling gel eye mask with galvanic technology to give maximum penetration.

NEW Caci Rejuvenating Hands

30 mins: £29.00
When added to any Caci facials: £19.00

Beautiful mask gloves are packed full of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and shea butter, perfect for combating the signs of ageing & smooth crepiness.

Using CACI’S ETR technology allows for a deeper penetration of products, as well as stimulating tissue repair. Your hands are sure to be left looking and feeling soft, supple and rehydrated!

This fabulous anti-ageing treatment can be taken as a stand-alone treatment or added onto any of our CACI non-surgical lifting facials.

Caci Jowl Lift Facial

20 mins: £29.00
Course of 10: £259.00

Perfect for maintaining a sculpted firm jaw line, this express Caci facial addresses the first signs of muscle slackness around the lower face area.

NEW Caci Deluxe Jowl Lift Facial

45 mins: £48.00

Course of 10: £420.00

This 45 minute powerhouse of a treatment totally focuses on the lower face & jowl area, which is so often where we notice the first signs of ageing & loss of firmness.

Our Deluxe Jowl treatment includes the ever popular Caci micro current to lift & tone the facial muscles, combined with with specialised hands on lifting facial massage techniques to eliminate fluid retention.

A firming jowl mask is then applied to reinforce the lift and sculpt the jaw line, whilst you relax and enjoy a blissful scalp massage. And for the results? A beautifully defined jawline!

Caci Classic Facial

1 hour: £60.00
Course of 10: £520.00

The classic Caci facial that works to lift and tone all of the muscles of the face.

Caci Electro Cellulite Massager

45 mins: £49.00
Course of 8: £360.00

The CACI EMC attachment combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the effectiveness of
electrical stimulation to greatly improve the appearance of cellulite on the back of the thighs, whilst
lifting and toning the buttocks. Contours are firmer, skin looks much healthier, orange peel effect is
diminished, and fluid retention improved.

Caci Hydratone Facial

1 hour: £64.00
Course of 10: £570.00

This Caci facial works to lift and tone all the muscles of the face in the same way as the “Classic” Caci facial. It also includes a hyaluronic acid gel mask to rehydrate and plump the skin.

Caci Smooth & Brighten

1 hour 15 mins: £75.00
This Caci facial includes all of the benefits of a full jowl and face lifting routine. Results are then further enhanced with a skin smoothing enzyme peel tailored specifically to your skin needs. Your facial is completed with a highly moisturising hydratone gel mask rich in hylaronic acid. 

Caci Ultimate

1 hour 30 mins: £90.00

This results driven Caci facial includes all the benefits of a full Caci jowl & face lifting routine plus the incredible benefits of Caci’s wrinkle comb technology, designed to dramatically plump & smooth deeper lines & wrinkles. A Dermalux light therapy session to stimulate new collagen & regenerate skin new cells take your results to the next level. Also includes deep cleansing ultrasonic peeling to clear pores & gently but effectively exfoliate dead skin cells. A conditioning Hydratone gel treatment mask rich in rose water & hyaluronic acid will intensively moisturise & nourish the driest of skins.

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