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Is Your Pillowcase Ruining Your Skincare?

Did you know that when we sleep at night our body temperature rises and our skin experiences something called “transdermal water loss”?

This basically means that your skin is naturally loosing moisture while you sleep.

That’s why we use night creams and sleep masks to compensate for this, but did you know that the average pillow case is made of cotton which is sucking that moisture right back out of your skin, as well as all of your lovely nighttime products!?

Not anymore! Circadia has developed a pillowcase to prevent all of this. This 22 thousand thread-count, microfibre fabric has been clinically proven to prevent moisture loss, massively reduce sleep lines & bed head hair.

It’s machine washable AND feels silky smooth to the touch. It’s perfect for wearers of hair extensions and eyelash extensions too!

Now available to purchase at Eden for just £39.00.

Please give us a call to order yours today on 01702 480773.

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