Making That Manicure Last!

There is nothing better that looking at that glossy finish after having a professional manicure is there? It makes you feel a million dollars right?

Well, did you know that good cuticle care is absolutely essential to the end finish of a great manicure? Keep reading for our top insider tips on how to care for your cuticles at home, so that you can achieve that flawless finish:

DO invest is some good quality cuticle tools, they will stand you in good stead whenever you are manicuring at home.

DO gently ease back your cuticles after a warm bath or shower, cuticles will be much more pliable at this stage.

DON’T pick or nibble at your cuticles! This can cause unsightly inflamed skin, and could lead to infections.

DO regularly apply cuticle oil, or your regular body lotion to to the cuticles area and massage in. This will help to keep cuticles from drying out, splitting, and creating hangnails.

DON’T over nip your cuticles! Whilst gently trimming off the excess cuticle is fine, excessively clipping them back with actually cause them to grow back more! Less is definitely more.

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