Massage Health Benefits

So it’s pretty much a given that we all enjoy a great massage right? It feels like a wonderfully, luxurious, and indulgent treat doesn’t it?

But did you know there are REAL, long-term health benefits that can be gained from regular massage? Keep reading and then decide if you feel that those massages are just a treat now and again, or an essential part of taking care of your health and well being!

1) Most of us suffer from some kind of postural stress, and often it’s related to the kind of work that we do – i.e sitting at a desk for long periods of time, lifting, of maybe we experience high levels of stress in the work place. It is very common for stress and tension to manifest itself in the upper back, whilst muscular weakness can show itself in the lower back and gluts.

Scheduling a regular back, neck, and shoulder massages is a great way to maintain balance in your body, keeping these problems in check before they cause long term issues! Massage is also a sure fire way to tackle tight, sore, aching muscles as well as stiff joints. By improving the circulation and warming the soft tissues, we also encourage muscle repair and healing.

2) Massage has been proven to make a signification difference for those suffering with depression and anxiety, something that we are all experiencing more of due to effects of modern day living. Human touch is an incredibly powerful and therapeutic thing, it should never ever be underestimated!

A soothing massage causes our bodies to release our feel good hormones endorphins, whilst lowering the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin, leaving us feeling calmer, and in an altogether better frame if mind.

3) Improving your quality of sleep is another huge benefit that can be gained from having a regular massage. (We would always recommend an evening massage appointment to really get the best results of sleep is your issue).

By promoting a state of restfulness and relaxation during massage, those who might otherwise find it very difficult to switch off can allow themselves to relax and start to enter recovery mode. In turn this triggers a better quality of sleep!

4) And finally, boosting the bodies natural immunity is yet another benefit of massage. Massage has been proven to increase the production of white blood cells, which are our bodies first line of defence for fighting infection and disease!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to book that all important massage…

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