Neo Elegance Lumineo Light Therapy

The Lumineo LED light therapy device offers powerful cutting-edge technology with clinically proven results. Lumineo offers six different LED wave length facials which can be tailored to suit a whole range of skin concerns, from accelerating wound healing, boosting collagen production, reducing breakouts and sensitivity and restoring skin radiance.

Lumineo significantly helps to reduce the down time of advanced aesthetic treatments, this is the reason that we include a session with many of our advanced treatments. Great as a stand-alone treatment or added to any of our other facials to accelerate your results.

Added to any facial, 15 mins…£15.00

Light therapy facial, 45 mins…£45.00

Course of 6…£235.00

Learn more about Neo Elegance Lumineo Light Therapy and book on 01702 480773. Alternatively, email us at or message the team on Instagram or Facebook.

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