Must-have Essential Oils for Home Use

Do you ever use essential oils at home? Would you like to but are unsure on which ones to use? Don’t worry, we have it covered for you because both of these little gems will make fabulous editions to your well being at home, as well as your medicine cabinet!

Oil: Lavender

Why we love it: This wonderfully versatile essential oil is fabulous for helping to heal minor cuts, burns, and abrasions, plus scar tissue.

How to use: Dilute 1 drop of lavender essential oil into 5mls of carrier oil, such a sweet almond or jojoba, and apply directly to the skin.(always avoid eyes area, and inner nose).

The benefits: A great oil to use if you experience trouble sleeping, anxiety, stress, low mood, or headaches. Try popping a few drops onto a tissue and placing underneath your pillow, or tucked into your clothes at the neck line to enjoy the benefit of this calming aroma throughout the day. Alternatively pop 6-8 drops into a steam diffuser, lay back and relax whilst inhaling this blissful blend.

Oil: Tea Tree

Why we love it: Also known as nature’s antiseptic due to its antibacterial, anti fungal, and viral properties! This powerhouse of an essential oil can be diluted (as above) and applied directly onto skin.

How to use: Makes the perfect anti fungal foot rub to use on feet for preventing or treating athletes foot too. To treat nail fungus use 1 drop of pure essential oil directly onto the nail.(don’t forget to wash hands after applying).

The benefits: This powerhouse of an essential oil can be used by diluting (as above) to apply directly for treating spots, mild cuts and abrasions, inspect bites, or inflammation of the skin.

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