Meet Our Elemis Oils

Meet our bespoke range of therapeutic Elemis massage oils & see which one would best suit your mood:

Elemis Destress

This beautiful blend of lavender, chamomile, and geranium is the perfect combination for those seeking deep relaxation, stress relief, calming & balancing. A great choice of oil for an evening massage at Eden.

Elemis Musclease

This warming synergy of rosemary, maritime pine, and fennel works hard to ease away tension from your muscles & joints, whilst stimulating circulation and eliminating fluid retention. Always a favourite for back massages at Eden.

Frangipani Oil

The beautifully aromatic blend of monoi, coconut oil, and frangipani flowers is the ultimate in skin nourishment, guaranteed to leave your skin smelling like a tropical paradise. A wonderful choice for very dry skins, and suitable during pregnancy. It also makes a fabulous hair treatment.

Japanese Camilla Oil

This delicately scented oil is extremely rich in natural plant collagen and vitamin E, well known for helping to prevent stretch marks. This makes it the perfect choice for both dry and sensitive skins, or for use during pregnancy.

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