Elemis Pro Glow Plus Facials

This pioneering range of results driven facials incorporate the power of the Elemis Biotech
machine, with the relaxing hands-on therapy that we all still love.
Biotech Pro Glow Plus facials works by turbo charging the skins cellular energy, speeding up
the whole renewal process, and quite literally switching the skins energy back on.
Delivering the next level of visible, immediate, and longer lasting results.

Elemis Pro-Glow Plus Smooth

1 hour 30 mins: £94.00

The ultimate HITT workout for your skin. Ultrasonic peeling exfoliates dead skin cells to smooth and
prepare the skin for super charged plumping, oxygen therapy massage, breathing new life into your
skin. Specialised lifting massage techniques and professional contour masks work to sculpt and lift
the jowl area. Skin will appear more vibrant, with a renewed feeling of firmness and plumpness.

Elemis Pro-Glow Plus Brilliance

1 hour 30 mins: £94.00

Your recipe for radiance. Experience our ultrasonic peel technology and brightening enzymes to
deep cleanse and remove visible pollutants, make-up and grime for happy, health skin. Antioxidant
rich Superfood’s actives combined with a deep cleansing and galvanic massage to draw out
impurities and stimulate skin, immediately revealing a super-healthy glowing complexion.

Elemis Pro-Glow Plus Resurface

1 hour 30 mins: £94.00

Reveal a stunningly smooth skin. Super charged deep cleansing and powerful ultrasonic peeling
technology eliminates visible pollutant, and dead skin cells for an immediately clearer, brighter
complexion. Gentle resurfacing will help to reduce visible dryness and smooth the appearance of
fine lines, whilst a deep cleansing galvanic massage with stimulate dull, uneven, tired-looking skin,
achieving an instantly renewed and energised skin.

Elemis Pro-Glow Plus Genius

1 hour 30 mins: £110.00

The ultimate age defying experience. Harnessing the power of Biotech and ULTRA SMART
technologies skin will be visibly smoother, more sculpted, and firmer, with a spotlight on deep set
wrinkles, maximum skin hydration, and total skin rejuvenation. Unsurpassed results after just one

Biotec Skin Resurfacer


Designed to improve the smoothness and texture of the skin. This facial works to remove the surface layers of dead skin to reveal the brighter living layers beneath.

Biotec Sensitive Skin Soothe


Designed to gently calm and sooth even the most sensitive of complexions, also suitable during pregnancy. Works to reduce high colour whilst protecting and nourishing the skin.

Biotec Super-Charger for Men


Designed to deliver a deep multi tasking facial that combats the signs of fatigue, stress, and ageing of the male complexion. A dynamic and complete treatment for gentleman who care for their skin.

Biotec Blemish Control


Designed to decongest and detoxify skins that are prone to breakouts and blemishes. This facial also works to promote the skins natural healing process and calm redness.

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