Why choose ACCOR?

ACCOR is the world’s first low frequency + technology plasma pen meaning that less treatment is needed and less healing time. ACCOR was developed and designed by a German doctor over eight years ago and has now manufactured its 3rd generation of plasma pen. You can be completely confident that you will be receiving the very best plasma treatment available from a reputable company carried out by well trained practitioners.

How does ACCOR plasma work?

The ACCOR hand held plasma device emits a tiny electrical charge from its tip without ever actually touching the skin, this is called a plasma arc. The plasma arc vaporises the surface of the skin to the basel cell layer of the epidermis causing an immediate tightening effect to the surrounding skin. A small red dot is left on the skins surface which will then form a small crustation, which drops off after 7-10 days revealing a smoother, tighter skin.

What is involved in an ACCOR treatment?

A full consultation with patch test is always carried out prior to your actual treatment date, this is to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for a plasma treatment. On the day of your treatment a topical anaesthetic cream is applied 45 minutes prior to your treatment, so that you are as comfortable as possible throughout.

The treatment itself takes approximately 20-40 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. When your treatment is complete we will take you through your aftercare advise and give you products to take one to maximise the healing process.

A follow up appointment will be made so that we can access your results together and recommend any further treatments that may be needed.

How many treatments will I need?

On average most people need 2-3 treatments to achieve the vertical best results. A three month period must always to left before re-treating an area. Once the desired results have been achieved, the treatment plasma does not need to be repeated for approximately 2-5 years.